Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Ode To My Kitchen Aid Mixer

Dear Kitchen-Aid Mixer,
I'm so glad you're in my life. You make everything so much easier and allow me to make things such as homemade bread and soft pretzels from scratch with ease. I'm so glad my parents decided to leave you on the counter always so I don't always have to lug you from the laundry room to the kitchen whenever I want to use you, because truth be told, you're a little heavy. But I don't want you to change I think you're perfect just how you were. It was so silly I pined for you and asked for you for Christmas when you were really hiding on my back shelf covered up still in mint condition from when you were placed there over 13 years ago. I really wish when mom-mom would've bought you we could have used you together, but as a 7 year old I don't think I'd love you the way I do now. (no offense). Regardless you were waiting for me there all those years I proclaimed proudly in the next room how I hated any form of baking and cooking and that anyone I married would have to do all the cooking. Eventually I came and found you and even though I wish mom-mom had been alive and still living with us all these years it almost feels as if she put you out there to wait for me. And I was most certainly the next one to lift you from your peaceful sleep. And maybe it's silly but I most feel her when I'm in the kitchen working with you. I know pop said she would have been proud of us and now looking back I'm glad I'm using you my grandmother's kitchen aid mixer, alongside my great great grandmother's baking pans from when she cooked in a boarding house where her daughter, my great grandmother, met her husband. I feel more connected to the people I was lucky enough to have and love in my life who are gone along with the ones I never got to know through little things like you kitchen aid mixer, the things that help make the ones who leave us just a little more real, if only for that moment. So thank you kitchen aid mixer, I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Love Always,

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