Friday, January 29, 2010

Where oh where have the good cooks gone?

So much about my blog about warmer weather. Today had to be one of the bitterest coldest take you breath away when you walk out the door days I've felt in a long while. And of course it's the day that I decided to dress up and wear a skirt. I literally had one guy on the street tell me I was a champ. In better news I finally got registered for the course I had been trying to get into since I dropped chem II and that was quite the relief. Tonight I spent some quality time with my godparents for dinner who I hadn't seen in like years so it was nice to go with my parents and catch up. So much German food. The smores cookies I made for dessert literally put me over the edge and now im content to just sit around and try to get warm now that I'm finally home and not move much at all. :)
Tomorrow I'm hoping to head over to barnes and noble before having to go to yet again another family get together tomorrow night. That I have decided is one of my year goals. To read numerous books. I've already got dear john off the list so Im going to try and see how many I can punch out and actually enjoy it and learn something.
This is also 100% random but I had a dream about the end of the world last night. And it was absolutely beautiful. But I survived? No idea where in the world that came from but I warned you it was random! Now for some dull education reading. Life is such a peach sometimes now isn't it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Down... Many To Go

Sorry I'm terrible at blog post naming. One of my resolutions was to read more for pleasure this year. I decided that if I was going to avoid productiveness I might as well do it by reading as opposed to the other mindless activities I might be drawn to (facebook?/greys anatomy?). So yesterday I picked up "Dear John" and decided to just try it. Well needless to say less than 24 hours later I am done that puppy. Not because I thought it was particularly great, it was just an easy read and a page turner. It was actually extremely depressing if I let the truth slip out and I had an extremely entertaining re-enactment of the plot for Christine, Corrie, and Liz. Besides that more school class scheduling drama abounded and I'm started to just wish I was graduating so I could be just out there living my life. That's all for now. Tomorrow is the weekend where I will hopefully begin my journey into making homemade toasted marshmallow milkshakes apricot chicken salad and fondant. Hopefully not all together though. Let's see how it all turns out. xoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm Weather oh Warm Weather, How I Miss You So.

It has become quite apparent to me that I cannot wait for it to be February. Not that I particularly love the month, but because it just doesn't scream winter like January does. More so for that matter as soon as we cross the threshold into February I can regularly state to anyone who dare comes close enough "One month to spring break!" Not because I'm itching to be away from school, but more so because I am so excited to go down to Sarasota Florida during that time. This will be the second spring break where I have done so and last year it was literally the best time of my life. The picture until my title was snapped on that vacation before me and my cousin went out on a boat ride and ended up encountering dolphins up close and personal. That alongside some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life at a little amish restaurant called Yoders (literally its so good i plan my entire year calendar around it) plenty of beach/shopping time and of course a Phillies spring training game made up some of the greatest four days I could wish to encounter. This time both my dad and my boyfriend Nick will be joining me and my mom and of course all of the Penxa's who live down there.
But besides this trip that lay ahead of me there is one more reason why I am just itching for February and some warmer weather and that is the all around joy of being able to hang outside with my friends here at Temple. Now when someone who knows anything about Temple pictures it "outdoor beauty" is probably the last thing that comes to mind since Temple is located in North Philly. However, I personally think many parts of the campus are beautiful both all lit up at night and on the sunny warm days where everyone can sit and do homework and chat around the grassy area that is the belltower. On these colder days it's just harder to remember all that, when walking from class to class seems to be a chore and its much easier ro just cram up inside instead of meandering outside for extended periods of time. But its bonus points that I know each day brings me closer. Spring here I come!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tangled Up in Today

Ok so on the scheme of how my past two years at Temple have been, the past two days sucked. It seemed like I'm the happiest here when I'm just freefloating and taking classes for a fun career than when I'm taking my other side of science classes for a career I actually see myself in. I know what you're thinking, just drop the science and do something fun. But therein lies my biggest problem. Im just can't drop the science idea as well. You're looking at someone who was a 4 year old nerd telling the world without any form of doubt, that she was going to be a pharmacist. Now as most of my friends know I was completely (and I mean completely) unhappy when I was pursuing pharmacy. So after a year of philandering around I'm not sure why I was convinced approaching science in another light would be so much more fun. Well let me tell you Chem II is still Chem II whether you're going into pharmacy or going into teaching little school science. And for the past two days I've felt like I was back at the beginning of freshman year of college. Except this time I'm not so naive to think I could just make it through and not have it be terrible. I know now I'd have to kill myself for a good grade, and I began to wonder, why the hell am I killing myself making myself miserable for something I never need for what I want. That's why I in effect dropped chem II as of today. I'm in the process of trying to add another education course and also trying to decide if just changing to an elementary ed degree might suit me better. In turn I'd be doing the same job, just with a lot of undo stress killing me in my life missing in between. For the past few days I wanted to just sit complacent and not do anything about it but through the coaxing of others and my own uncertainty driving me I took a step to making myself happier, which for me is quite a big deal. I promise to try and make a happier post next time, wish me luck on that one. I think I'm going to go look over all of the equations I don't have to know to make myself cheerier. xoxo

Monday, January 25, 2010

Go on, go on, the stars are watching.

Day number 2 of blogging. Surprisingly I thought about how I wanted to make it and what I wanted to do with it a lot last night. It's amazing that while I had such a hard time starting it it now seems much easier than anticipated. My aspiration is that I'm going to try (key word try) to post every day for one year. I know this is it a somewhat crazy ambition for someone who doesn't have the most free time in the world and seems to go on long rants when she starts writing but it's something I sure as hell want to try. I also promised myself I would talk about baking on here at least a little bit so I'm going to start with one of my favorite recipes.
I think they're called "mini hamburger cookies"? I found the recipe on one of the application of my iphone and they couldn't be easier and earn more praise. They are simple and gained much praise from those whose noses I shoved them under. I even caught my grandfather sneaking into the party tray and it made me so happy he liked them I didn't have the heart to tell him no. Baking has turned into almost a therapeutic hobby for me. I do it to wind down. I do it when I'm excited. I lack alot of the resources I rely on at my dorm at Temple (my kitchen aid mixer). But I don't mind. For now though it's Calculus and dreams. And that will have to do.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easy as Pie.

I have always been one for indecisiveness. Even as a child I've heard many a time about how I would stand in the candy aisle of the grocery store with the snickers bar in one hand and the milky way in the other just staring and having no idea which to choose. Like it was the most important decision of my life. While I suppose it speaks well that I didnt just throw a tantrum until I got both, this tendency of uncertainty seems to follow me like a hawk even today. There is such an underlying fear of making the wrong decision and being unhappy that at times I admit having a hard time making any decision to start. This blog was no exception. I signed up and left the name title empty for days not being being able to just start it. So here I stand on January 25th making my new years resolution to stop holding back and just going after more things. Overanalyzing can be almost disabling and I know I for the most part can come off as pulled together but believe me it is quite wearing after awhile. Resolution number 2 is to take more pictures and resolution number 3 is to sleep more. I just have so much I'm thinking about its hard to figure out when to stop my posts. I suppose alot of what I'm thinking about will come out in time but for now I'm content to be happy with myself for even starting. Whether or not anything productive comes from this. Whether or not I actually keep going with it, at least I just went for it and started. For me that's enough tonight. And the fact I made almond ciabatta french toast for breakfast and it was fantastic. That helped a little too. Time to start another week.