Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm Weather oh Warm Weather, How I Miss You So.

It has become quite apparent to me that I cannot wait for it to be February. Not that I particularly love the month, but because it just doesn't scream winter like January does. More so for that matter as soon as we cross the threshold into February I can regularly state to anyone who dare comes close enough "One month to spring break!" Not because I'm itching to be away from school, but more so because I am so excited to go down to Sarasota Florida during that time. This will be the second spring break where I have done so and last year it was literally the best time of my life. The picture until my title was snapped on that vacation before me and my cousin went out on a boat ride and ended up encountering dolphins up close and personal. That alongside some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life at a little amish restaurant called Yoders (literally its so good i plan my entire year calendar around it) plenty of beach/shopping time and of course a Phillies spring training game made up some of the greatest four days I could wish to encounter. This time both my dad and my boyfriend Nick will be joining me and my mom and of course all of the Penxa's who live down there.
But besides this trip that lay ahead of me there is one more reason why I am just itching for February and some warmer weather and that is the all around joy of being able to hang outside with my friends here at Temple. Now when someone who knows anything about Temple pictures it "outdoor beauty" is probably the last thing that comes to mind since Temple is located in North Philly. However, I personally think many parts of the campus are beautiful both all lit up at night and on the sunny warm days where everyone can sit and do homework and chat around the grassy area that is the belltower. On these colder days it's just harder to remember all that, when walking from class to class seems to be a chore and its much easier ro just cram up inside instead of meandering outside for extended periods of time. But its bonus points that I know each day brings me closer. Spring here I come!

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