Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easy as Pie.

I have always been one for indecisiveness. Even as a child I've heard many a time about how I would stand in the candy aisle of the grocery store with the snickers bar in one hand and the milky way in the other just staring and having no idea which to choose. Like it was the most important decision of my life. While I suppose it speaks well that I didnt just throw a tantrum until I got both, this tendency of uncertainty seems to follow me like a hawk even today. There is such an underlying fear of making the wrong decision and being unhappy that at times I admit having a hard time making any decision to start. This blog was no exception. I signed up and left the name title empty for days not being being able to just start it. So here I stand on January 25th making my new years resolution to stop holding back and just going after more things. Overanalyzing can be almost disabling and I know I for the most part can come off as pulled together but believe me it is quite wearing after awhile. Resolution number 2 is to take more pictures and resolution number 3 is to sleep more. I just have so much I'm thinking about its hard to figure out when to stop my posts. I suppose alot of what I'm thinking about will come out in time but for now I'm content to be happy with myself for even starting. Whether or not anything productive comes from this. Whether or not I actually keep going with it, at least I just went for it and started. For me that's enough tonight. And the fact I made almond ciabatta french toast for breakfast and it was fantastic. That helped a little too. Time to start another week.

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