Friday, January 29, 2010

Where oh where have the good cooks gone?

So much about my blog about warmer weather. Today had to be one of the bitterest coldest take you breath away when you walk out the door days I've felt in a long while. And of course it's the day that I decided to dress up and wear a skirt. I literally had one guy on the street tell me I was a champ. In better news I finally got registered for the course I had been trying to get into since I dropped chem II and that was quite the relief. Tonight I spent some quality time with my godparents for dinner who I hadn't seen in like years so it was nice to go with my parents and catch up. So much German food. The smores cookies I made for dessert literally put me over the edge and now im content to just sit around and try to get warm now that I'm finally home and not move much at all. :)
Tomorrow I'm hoping to head over to barnes and noble before having to go to yet again another family get together tomorrow night. That I have decided is one of my year goals. To read numerous books. I've already got dear john off the list so Im going to try and see how many I can punch out and actually enjoy it and learn something.
This is also 100% random but I had a dream about the end of the world last night. And it was absolutely beautiful. But I survived? No idea where in the world that came from but I warned you it was random! Now for some dull education reading. Life is such a peach sometimes now isn't it.

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