Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby You Make The Sun Shine Down

Ok. So I didn't hold true blue to my blog post every day for a year but I hope you can forgive. It's not that I didn't want it dear blog, life just got busy and I promise to pay more attention to you from now on. Especially since I found out one or two people actually read it! I'm currently under the annoyance of my printer going on the fritz, that and the fact I feel like some of my classes are not clear at all. Not the content but more the way everything is laid out. Maybe I'm just not a technology person after all. That and my sudden insatiable urge to travel. Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Hawaii, sign me up. Anywhere and everywhere. Anyone who wants to sweep me up and take me on a much needed trip is more than welcomed to sign up. With that said, less than a month to florida <3 glorious glorious break. I hope I can make it!! The blessing of today was my brand new "Martha Stewart Cookie" cookbook. Besides the woman at the store sniping at me that I knew nothing about baking because I was young it made me happier than a kid on Christmas, and in that I think my inner age shows. :)


  1. My printer is on the fritz too! My roommate says it sometimes makes gurgling noises at 4AM (which I sleep through) and I really cannot get it to work. I'm not a technology person either. I feel like I could be, but I don't get it so I reject it.

    Cookie book looks exciting/DELICIOUS!

  2. you should check out this blog miss mary: you two seem like kindred spirits.