Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Snow Go Away

I've decided that I find it so ironic that my blog revolves around my love of baking wonderful ooey-gooey highly caloric/highly addictive treats when my boyfriend has a blog about eating healthy and working out. I've told him that no matter how in fit he may strive to be, he will always be the primary tester of all of my goods, and true to his word he has tried all of my creations good and bad, yummy and even more yummy, so Nick this one is for you. For running out when halfway through my recipe I realize I have no maple syrup and start thinking all is ruined. For adding more vanilla when I'm not looking and teaching me that not going by the book can sometimes be a good thing. I would like nothing more than to bake for you every day. I miss you while I'm at Temple but thinking about what I get to make you whenever I'm home is one of my favorite things to do. You're the best. Ok, now that all the mush and gush is behind me I can share one of my favorite recipes. After making these for my godparents me and my mom found ourselves sneaking downstairs later that night to have some more. They are smores cookies which are basically cookies that have a graham cracker base so they are much more dense than a traditional cookie but are also smaller so it works well. After baking these puppys up popping them in the microwave with a marshmallow in between two is the final step to marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker bliss without all of the mess. Ok maybe there is still some mess, but that's half the fun right? :)

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