Monday, March 1, 2010

To All Those Who Love Me So Much, I'd Like To Return The Favor

I am aware I haven't updated in entirely too long and I have to sincerely apologize but here I am once again. I'm not sure how clear I've made this point before but I really love baking, I'm starting to really expand what I am doing with it and love trying new things. This weekend was an all-time high for deliciousness. I had to pack for Florida and spring break (which I leave for on FRIDAY!) and knew since I wasn't going to be able to bake that weekend I would whip up a few extra special things this weekend to celebrate. On the menu were cheesecake swirl blondies, spinach pesto mozzarella muffins, and caramel corn. I also bought an intense tart pan at Williams & Sonoma which I intend on making insane things with, a candy thermometer, and a little book called "The Field Guide to Candy" which I had been debating over every time I stepped in a Barnes and Noble for months. Nick and the fact I had a gift card finally convinced me! It housed the caramel corn recipe. I really want one of those little blow torches for creme brulee. Next up? Cheesecake milkshakes? I know its technically not baking but as I said the kitchen is where I have felt most at home lately! Me and Nick also ventured to the Flower Show on Sunday where I introduced him to the love that is bonsai. It was a whirlwind but great nonetheless and maybe next time I update it will be about sunny (hopefully) Florida. :)

I also threw in some pictures of Nick with my dog Ted taken from the weekend just because I find them so damn cute.

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  1. Ummmm... those cheesecake swirl blondies look DISTURBINGLY delicious. Could I get the recipe for that?
    Also, the spinach pesto mozzarella muffins look really good. MARY! Your blog is making me soooo hungry!